At First Sight: The Passage of Attraction Hokkaido

A love story, not of reciprocation or in fact love at all. Vulnerable, endearing, revealing, relatable, self aware, it reminds us of the beauty of the chance encounter; one often blocked in a world where screens grab our attention over the gaze of another. A simple tale relishing the moment over the outcome.
Word list: Vulnerable. Revealing. Endearing. Relatable. Self-aware.
Transition: Uncertain intrigue. Hope and care. Warm acceptance.
Mood: Calm.
Texture: Cotton soft. Recycled newspaper.
Message: Beauty is everywhere; happiness in the moment rather than the outcome.
Colour: Soft green / deep blue – flecked with yellow or purple fibres.
Tangible element: Small cardboard card wallet with a love amulet and a recycled
newspaper fold-out of the pictures. OR small hand stitched concertina book.