The attraction I have to others when photographing comes from the same place as the magnetism that thrusts me towards love. 
I never feel like I choose the people I make images with, it feels like we've settled into the right space, at the same time and just find ourselves in front of one another. 
What's interesting though is how, much like attraction in love or lust, the people I match with most are definitely of a type. I become deeply engaged by those who sit on the side of introspection, with deep and insightful stories and reflections to share. Composed and well considered, yet rarely shared. 
I am fascinated, I believe, as part of me is born from that place, but my gregarious ego bulldozes the murmurings, desiring immediate recognition and assurance through nods or laughter. 
It's through the purpose I find holding a camera brings, that I glimpse at the quiet, downtrodden soul that lies beneath. 
Thank you to all the people that have shown me myself along the way, with time I'll learn, through you, how to better be myself.