I have to thank Extinction Rebellion for all that it has taught me. From the first major uprising in London in 2018, when they blocked a number of bridges and strategic crossings across the capital (London, UK), to today, I am still learning. 
I was blown away by the decentralised organisational structure, the clear desired outcomes and the value system that gives anyone autonomy to act as part of the movement. Based on profound research, cleverly integrating the thinking of many important figures (in my view - Sinek, Covey, Laloux).
In the months that followed my stumbling across their big pink boat in Oxford Circus, I went to the meetings, did the training, organised and worked out where I was held in the weave. I got detained a couple of times as the years passed and my temperament fluctuated from frustration to anger to sadness to joy to despondency. It’s hard to maintain focused energy when it seems like very little is working, yet the sand still slips through the hourglass.
These are a few images from poignant points in my journey with them so far, long may it continue.​​​​​​​