Groundswell 2021
I was lucky enough to be invited to Groundswell, a regenerative agriculture show ‘for farmers, by farmers’ aiming to explore ways of working with nature to grow food in a profitable way. Fundamentally it is about soil regeneration; moving away from fertilisers, pesticides and tills, helping farmers work their land productively without destroying it and the surrounding ecology. 
Proponents of this type of farming are seeing topsoils getting deeper and deeper, creating a greater sponge to hold rainwater for the roots and fungal mycelium to operate in and making ever more room for safe long-term Carbon storage. Regenerative farming isn’t just good for farmers, it is really the only way, if performed across the globe, that humanity can have any hope of living on a pleasant planet.
These are a few of my favorite images from the two days spent on the Farm in Herefordshire.

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A huge thanks goes out to Alex Cherry for having me.