Hope and Connection | 2016

Word List: Honest, Realistic, Engaged, Balanced, Hopeful
Transition: Distant to Engaged
Mood: Inquisitive
Texture: Rag. Fibrous but Soft
Message: Regardless of the terrain, aspirations remain connected.
Colour: Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

I spent sometime in a small town in southern India, intrigued by life there; its pace, its proximity, its passion, its colour, its richness, its ferver. Within a couple of days faces became familiar and habits developed.
I befriended a group of women who worked at the central fish market and after spending time shooting their portraits I decided to see if I could have them printed to return to them as gifts. After some time and perseverance I managed to locate a printer a few towns away who actually produced some rather wonderful prints. I shared them with the ladies in the fish market and news travelled fast and I found myself spending the following days shooting portraits of everyone in the town* and sending them to be printed.
The act of celebrating one another, crossed the boundaries of verbal communication, cultural norms and ultimately allowed us all to connect.

*slight exaggeration