Intersection: Metal and Stone
Intersection: Metal and Stone

Enormous, delicate, coarse and decaying. The grand visions of man standing against nature. These structures are a powerful reminder of our place in the balanced environment of the World. 
Despite our efforts, nature cannot be dominated. We learnt to reform and reshape but ultimately, everything is energy and will return to its fundamental state. 
There’s beauty in it. But also sadness in the unnecessary environmental destruction. Ultimately, we will be the ones that capitulate. If we could let go of our desire to dominate and our fear of scarcity, we might realise that we are nature and not separate from it.

Word list: Barron, Course, Decayed, Somber, Sparse 
Transition: Strong, robust human creations that dominate the horizon ultimately crumble into their original elements. The cycle of life, the passage of time, movement and stillness 
Mood: Somber, Contemplative, Calm, Open 
Texture: Metal, Stone, Grain, Rust 
Message: Embrace the cycle of being, it is deeply empowering 
Colour: Purple, Orange, Yellow, Grey, Blue