⍆ Rivers are the lifeblood of our planet. Their carriage of water connects us all, a powerful reminder of the cycle of nature and ecological unity. Currently they are in danger. Since 1970, there has been an 83% decline in freshwater species globally, a sure sign that if they are to survive alongside humans, our relationship with rivers must change.
Despite this, in England rivers remain a place for play, celebration, love, development and exploration. They provide a remedy for both physical and mental illness, a focus for community, a place to live, a source of power, water and food. 
England may not have coral reefs or tropical rainforests but its lands play host to 85% of the planet’s chalk streams, one of the rarest habitats globally. Something to be protected, cherished and shared.
Healthy rivers are commons that should be equally available to all.


Ways and Means - River Pollution in England was Published in 2024 by La Mentale Editions Paris.
Edition of 100
Printed on recycled paper in England
Copies can be purchased here
All profits go to The Rivers Trust