Word Listintrospection, bliss, escape, veneration 
Transition  airy fairy | tangible growth | wider benefit
Mood calm, inquisitive, cautionary
Texturedried bark of an oak tree, handmade paper, wool
Messageonce the veil drops it’s hard not to support the practice
Colour burnt orange, tranquil blues, muted black

A cautious celebration of retreat. Understanding the power of ancient regenerative practices, whilst also questioning the potential pitfalls of retreat centres. From cult recruitment to quick fix solutions to delicate mental health circumstances.
We find ourself in states of innocent bliss, states we won't afford ourselves out of these 'safe' spaces; states that are both humbling and nourishing.
They are important, developing and disseminating positive energy into the world. Much needed at a time when inequality, war, populist politics, covid restrictions and climate breakdown are ruffling the collective social psyche.
There's a calm, a beauty, a respect. There's humour, intimacy, joy, great sadness and reflection. There's a yearning, growth and there's reaching. Heart tendrils out stretched to better help us understand the reality that surrounds us.