Where We Hide

I’ve been exploring the physical manifestations of our search for solace. The places we go or the things we do in order to escape the lives we find ourselves in.
We refer to an idea of ‘me time’ quite often in England and I find myself doing the same. Pining for a state free from distractions, at liberty to do as I please without having to worry about anyone else. But what I have noticed on my search thus far - and this is still very much an on-going pursuit - is that ‘me time’ is just our perception of how things are. You can be having ‘me time’ on the allotment and go have a cuppa with your plot neighbour and at no point does this infringe on ‘me time’ even though you’re in the company of others. 

Perhaps we can just learn to change our framing of life so all time is ‘me time’ as I, me, am in it. I wonder if that would increase our state of wellbeing, make us more fulfilled.